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Production Of Precision Sheet Metal Parts And
Metal Cabinets, Logistics Trolleys, Shelves.

Deqing SinoRay Metal Products Co., Ltd is

China metal cabinets Manufacturers and OEM metal cabinets factory

, Founded in 2012, we are a company with ten years of experience in the production of metal products and warehousing and logistics facilities and equipment, specializing in the design and production of various metal lockers, logistics trolleys, storage shelves and various sheet metal products.
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Advanced Machines For Better Quality

We have a full set of production and processing equipment, which can improve
production efficiency and product quality stability.

  • CNC-shearing-machine

    The bending thickness is less than 6mm, and the product length is less than 4000mm. Compared with the traditional shearing machine, the CNC shearing machine has the characteristics of high work efficiency, convenient operation, reduced labor, and accurate shearing size. Provide high-efficiency and high-quality product guarantee for the blanking process.

  • Automatic Laser Cutting Machine

    4000W power, it can cut metal plates within 16mm thickness, and the cutting product size is within WXL 2000x4000mm.

  • Flame cutting

    Plasma or flame cutting can cut metal plates within 50mm thickness.

  • leveler

    Leveling machine is a precision machine used to correct the defects of coils and sheets. It has the characteristics of advanced skills, high leveling precision, wide process scale, high degree of automation, and good reliability under high strength.

  • Edge milling machine

    Edge milling machine is a kind of welding auxiliary equipment that is specially used to make weld grooves for steel plates before welding. etc., to provide a basic guarantee for the beauty of welding.

  • CNC bending machine

    Fast speed and high efficiency, the numerical control system automatically adjusts the compensation amount, which is convenient and accurate.

  • Turret CNC punch

    The turret CNC punch has high processing precision and stable processing quality.

  • hydraulic press

    The four-column servo hydraulic press uses liquid as a medium to transmit energy, with flexible control, easy automation, and running speed.

  • Rocker drilling

    The radial drill is suitable for drilling, reaming, reaming, spot facing, and tapping on medium and large metal parts. It is easy to operate, flexible, and has a wide range of applications. It is typical, especially suitable for hole machining of single-piece or mass production of large parts with holes.

  • CO2 welding robot

    Improve welding efficiency: In traditional welding, due to artificial factors, the production plan will be slowed down, resulting in an unclear production cycle of the product. The fully automatic welding robot can realize uninterrupted work, and there are no problems such as fatigue, holidays, personal leave, and occupational diseases. welding efficiency.

  • Aluminum welding robot

    A welding robot specially designed for welding aluminum products also has the advantages of stable welding quality and high welding efficiency, which ensures product quality, reduces enterprise costs, and improves product market competitiveness.

  • Laser Welder

    The laser welding speed is fast, the depth is large, the deformation is small, and the flexibility is high; it is especially suitable for welding precision sensitive parts.

  • SW38 Double Head Hydraulic Pipe Bender

    SW38 double-head hydraulic pipe bending machine has the characteristics of convenient operation, stable performance, high work efficiency and high safety factor.

  • Shot blasting machine

    The shot blasting machine removes the rust layer, oxide scale and welding slag on the surface of the metal workpiece. The surface of the metal workpiece after being cleaned by the shot blasting machine is clean, and the rust removal level reaches Sa2.5, showing the original luster of the metal.

  • Powder Coating Line

    It can meet the needs of various color spraying products, and has strong adhesion and high machine strength. The appearance of the product is fashionable and beautiful, anti-rust and anti-corrosion, and durable.

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